Demystifying the Airway

This 7 Module e-course covers the basics of Airway Functionality including breathing.

After this course, you’ll understand why AIRWAY is the hot topic of the new decade and how it relates to your practice.

Course structure


Learn about the Airway and its functions from gestation to full development.


A simple but scientific explanation as to why we breathe, how we breathe, what happens in the body when we breathe, what can go wrong and how this can be changed


Before you can make the decision on how to treat a condition you first need to know what, when, why, where and who.


Detailed structural imaging will show you why the person has symptoms. Detailed behavioral imaging will explain why the symptoms have occurred.


The vast majority of people do not wake during the night because they can’t sleep, they wake because they can’t breathe.


The structure of individual medical services is such that it does not lend itself to the time and space required to identify problems and their causes – dentistry is better structured.


All aspects of the problems faced as well as the solutions available are explained, with suggestions as to ways and means that this major issue can be tackled.


The quiz is only accessible after watching each video to the end.
It is an ‘open book’ process so you are welcome to print out the study notes, which you will find in the MATERIALS tab and use them as a reference for the answers. This saves you from having to go back into the video for answers.
Each section is quite short so you should be able to finish in one session.
If however you have to break for any reason it will be necessary to begin the quiz again from the beginning.

Print Certificate

At the end of the Module 7 Survey you will be invited to print out your certificate.
It will fit either US Letter or International A4 paper so all you need do is select the appropriate size.
We recommend that you use high quality semi-gloss or matte paper for best results. Print at the highest resolution and use 200 GSM or 60lb paper.
Should there be a problem printing or should you need an additional Certificate for another office there is a Reprint option available.

Testimonials from Course Attendees

Dr. S.O. MA

Thank you for a brilliant introduction to the mysteries of Airway. You are a great Instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed the Course. I can now understand why this has not worked in the past despite my best efforts to incorporate Airway into my practice.
I can’t wait for the next course to be available.

Dr. S.R. OR

Roger – what a great experience. I thought I knew about Airway but when I came to the Quiz I realised that I was looking through the wrong lens and things were so unclear. I now realise that I don’t have to do everything myself and am ready to educate 3 of my staff members as soon as you’re ready.
You’re the best.

Dr. D.M NM

Finally I understand how everything hangs together and how I have only been looking at one side of the story. Our dental education certainly does not equip us to understand the nuances of what you teach – and you do it so well. I will be taking new premises at the end of the year and will make sure that I dedicate a complete section to Functional Airway Management.

Dr. S.P. MN

Dear Dr Price, There is so much rubbish written about so many health problems today that nobody really knows what to believe. I like the way you write, it is clear and simple and easy to understand without dumbing down the topics. The story about Stress made so much sense. You might not remember me but I attended one of your lecture programs in Seattle and was so impressed with the way you delivered your message. It was like David Attenborough talking about science in the wild and I didn’t want it to stop. I can’t believe you’re (sic) age, I didn’t even think you were 60 never mind 78. Your (sic) amazing and I wish you so much good health and strength to keep on with this wonderful work.


Dear Dr. Price. I am a Dental Hygienist who wants to move away from cleaning teeth and I have been wondering how to get into ‘Airway’ because I am not a Dentist. I can now see clearly that what you teach is more education than clinical practice and I’m happy to tell you that I scored 100% on all the Quizzes. You made it so easy to understand and to learn. One of my friends who knows you well told me that I would enjoy every moment of your teaching. She was not wrong. Please sign me up for the Functional Airway Assessment Program as soon as it opens. Also – I cannot believe that you’re same age as my Grand Dad – you have such energy.
Blessings and Thank you.

Dr. B.T.O TN

Hello Roger. I have had the pleasure of listening to you lecturing for Spear, Kois, Dawson and other educational groups but those have only been one or two hour presentations. This course of yours is a Gem and I enjoyed every moment of it. You really have a wonderful way of explaining things simply but scientifically. Please sign us up for the next course. It will be myself, my wife who is a Hygienist and two of my team members. We are particularly interested in applying this to the ever growing pediatric segment of our practice. It is so valuable.
Warm regards

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Demystifying the Airway Online Course