About Roger L. Price

Roger Price is a Functional Medicine and Integrative Health Educator. He has more than 60 years of experience in multiple complementary areas of the health profession.

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Widely regarded as the Father of Airway in Dentistry, having pioneered this concept more than 20 years ago, he is credited with being the mentor of many of the more well known and reputable individuals in today’s world of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Roger, who was born and educated in South Africa, emigrated with his family to Sydney, Australia in 1981. Over the next 20 years his quest for knowledge and demystifying the airway continued. He studied and qualified in many other fields of health including a Certification in Integrative Medicine at Queensland University as well as many other courses in dentistry, orthodontics, sleep disorders and behavior. He was particularly active in the management of ‘asthma’ – a condition that has now been proved to be heavily misdiagnosed and over diagnosed.

During this time he realised that the entire concept of ‘sleep disorders’ was in fact back to front and that the majority of people with so-called ‘sleep disorders’ were actually suffering from ‘breathing disorders’. It was impossible for doctors to contradict his findings as their two Gold Standards of treatment for ‘sleep disorders’ were in fact ‘breathing devices’. He renamed the problem Breathing Disordered Sleep rather than Sleep Disordered Breathing and caused some major controversy in the industry.

In 2012 Roger decided to move to the United States and build awareness of the importance of airway and breathing as the basis for health.
He commenced a Masters in Applied Breathing Sciences in 2017, completed the academic components but was not able to finish the case presentation assessments due to his international travel schedule coupled with his plans to return to Australia in September 2019.

Blessed with a rich resonant voice, an impeccable British accent and many years of stage and theatre experience Roger Price became a much sought after figure in International Lecturing and Presentation, having delivered many Keynote Addresses, courses, classes, seminars and lectures around the world. Hailed as the International expert in his field he continues to run seminars and workshops via Zoom. When Covid eventually resolves itself he intends resuming his globe trotting and continue to indulge his mission for health creation through Functional Airway and Breathing