Breathing Well

With Roger L. Price

The most comprehensive Functional Airway Education Program for all health care professionals involved in the treatment of Sleep, Breathing, Postural, and Dysfunctional Behavioral issues.

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Roger L. Price

Pioneer of Functional Airway Management

The majority of people do not wake up because they can’t “sleep” – they wake up because they can’t “breathe”.


Years of experience shows that the current approach has failed.


Is not an acceptable outcome

We constantly create habits and compensations to overcome challenges to our breathing – resulting in the development of many common chronic illnesses. It is necessary to understand the root causes of these dysfunctions in order to effectively treat them.


What Health Professionalsare saying about Roger Price

Dr. Steven Olmos

TMJ & Sleep Therapies International
San Diego

I thoroughly enjoyed your Demystifying the Airway e-course. You are a wonderful instructor.
I will share your website courses with my Centres and at my courses. I really like what you have done.
Best wishes

Barry Raphael

DMD, Clifton, NJ, USA

“I had the pleasure of hosting Roger in residence at my Integrative Orthodontic practice for four rewarding years. Together we helped children and adults take control of the breathing and soft-tissue habits that underlie their skeletal and fascial distortions. Roger has a wonderful way with people, no matter their age or condition, and helps to lift them up. I’m looking forward to learning more from him.”

Scott R. Neish


While working with Roger to learn about etCO2 and its importance I discovered my daytime apnea. While checking my emails on my phone I stopped breathing for 45 seconds and was completely unaware of it because I do it whenever I concentrate on any task. My sleep test had minimal apnea’s but 46 arousals per hour. I did not fit the metrics for OSA but my health was deteriorating from my lack of restorative sleep. My daytime breathing issues were the problem. It is very commonplace within our population. We focus on nighttime AHI but is that helping our patients get better or cured?
Roger’s approach of seeking the cause of the problem rather than managing the symptoms will help any clinician who is seeking understanding of what we are truly dealing with.
Enjoy the journey

DeWitt Wilkerson DMD

Past President, American Academy for Oral Systemic Health(AAOSH)

“When it comes to demystifying the airway, no one has spent more time studying, researching and
collaborating the subject of breathing than Roger Price. I’ve been privileged to learn extensively
from his expertise and have grown immeasurably from his wisdom. He is a master clinician and

Kriston Lynn Reisnour

RDH, BSDH, CCSH, CSOM | Sherpa/Coach

“Roger Price and his intricate knowledge of the airway and breathing has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth and development as a healthcare professional. He has provided me guidance and graciously and generously shared his knowledge and expertise. I feel blessed to have Roger as a mentor to whom I can turn as I continue on my journey of identifying initiators of chronic inflammation in my patients. His shared knowledge makes me a better clinician and allows me to provide optimal care to my patients. I am anxiously waiting the availability of his course materials!”

John C. Kois, D.M.D, M.S.D

Founder and Director, Kois Center, LLC

“The first time I heard Roger Price present was a few years ago at our Annual Symposium. His manner of speaking was impressive, it was clear, concise, easy to listen to and refreshing. The content of his material is always informative, evidenced based, and extremely relevant. He finds a way to make the confusing seem much simpler, easy to understand, and without it being elementary. In a nutshell I found Roger a “Breath” of fresh air!”

R. Kirk Huntsman

Chief Executive Officer, Vivos Therapeutics, Inc.

“At our Denver-based Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine, Roger Price’s lectures on airway and breathing were always among the most popular and highest rated. What we found was that Roger’s deep knowledge and expertise bridged the gap between several of the more traditional healthcare disciplines such as MD sleep specialists, oral myofunctional therapists, and dentists. He has a gift for bringing it all together in a way that is both understandable and actionable with patients and their treatment. All I can say is that it hasn’t been easy replacing him around here. We would highly commend Roger to anyone looking to understand the way breathing impacts our health and wellness.”

Tom Colquitt


“Roger Price and the CO(2)nundrum:
Before I met and heard Roger, I’d been treating OSA with oral appliances and was on the faculty of the Sleep Medicine Department of our Medical School. Thought I knew all I needed to know. Like everyone else I hought it was all about sleep and lack of oxygen. Didn’t understand that disordered breathing is not just a nocturnal phenomenon. Didn’t understand breathing, just like most MDs who are supposed to know these things. Had no idea of the action of CO2 and the importance of end-tidal PCO2. During my first chance to hear him speak about Airway for an hour, I took so many notes my hand still hurts. Not to mention the attendant brain pain. Since that day, after 6 years of continuing to learn from him, nothing has been the same in the way we look at and help our patients achieve total bodily health through functional naso-diaphragmatic breathing 24/7/365.”

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